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Kristen & Rod- Canberra Celebrity Heart Challenge

The Heart Foundation ACT has recruited 14 Canberra personalities to participate in a Challenge.

Over 12 weeks they will be modifying their lifestyles by becoming more physically active, maintaining a healthy balanced diet and consequently improving their heart health.

Donate to Kristen & Rod's fundraising page HERE

Our Story:

 It’s dark and dreary outside now.. but come summer I want to be trim taught and terrific! My best friend gets married soon and I got a guernsey as a Bridesmaid. I’d love to look great and feel even better for it. Plus, I can’t wait to challenge some big names around Canberra. Watch out Andrew Barr and Paul Walshe, Rod and I are coming for you!

 My main goal for the Canberra Celebrity Heart Challenge is a simple one…lose weight.
 Naturally weight loss will facilitate the other lifestyle adjustments that need to be made to get this 40 year old body back in action.
 As an athlete and tennis coach as a young man, weight management was never something I needed to give much attention.
 But with such a sedentary career choice as Radio Host, not surprisingly a kilo here & there every year for the last couple of decades has officially caught up with me.
 As the dad of a 2 year old there’s never been a more important time to ensure I have a healthy heart!



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