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How To Change A Tyre...with Kristen, Kat & Sam.

Kristen & Rod went out to the icon water treatment plant to see just what happens to those wet wipes that get flushed. 

Todd Sampson tests Kristen & Rods memory

Lee Campbell sets another Fitness Challenge for Rod - climb Mt Ainslie carrying 36.5kg...

Rod faces off against the CBR Brave

Rod takes an ICE BATH for training recovery... and freezes his bits off.

Lee Campbell is the task master!!

After missing 2 personal training sessions with Lee Campbell last week, Rod was given a 3am wake up call to attend training at 4am this morning before the show.... #EyeOfTheTiger

Rod struggled through his very first baseline fitness test with celebrity trainer Lee Campbell... Do you have any diet, weight-loss or exercise tips to share with Rod?

Kristen & Rods Good Luck Truck - Anna

Kristen & Rods Good Luck Truck - Karlie

Kristen & Rods Good Luck Truck - Amy

Kristen & Rods Good Luck Truck - Mary Anne

Clare from Rivett got a visit from Kristen and Rod's Good Luck Truck! 
Thanks to: Communities at Work, Rolfe Renault and Mudd The Spa, Kundalini Hair, Burbury Hotel & Apartments.

Kristen and Rod's Party Trick... All you need is 5 people and 4 chairs!

Kristen pashed Rod this week and his reaction was priceless! #TwizzlerChallenge

See inside Rod's fridge, cupboards and rubbish bin as celebrity trainer Lee Campbell searches through Rod's home for evidence of unhealthy eating.

BUSTED!!! Rod caught on CCTV raiding the vending machine and staff kitchen cookie jar...

Royal Baby Name Announcement... Rod pranked Kristen by throwing in a few fake names including Camilla - Kristen BELIEVED EVERY WORD!!

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