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Real vs. Fake Christmas Tree

by Kristen Henry & Rod Cuddihy

Are you debating whether you’ll have a real or fake Christmas tree this year?

Here are Kristens thoughts...

You save money with the fake kind. You can wheel out the same one at the same time every year, but where’s the fun in that? GO real! The smell that fills your house is unmistakably the smell of Christmas.

Artificial trees aren’t part of the tradition. Back in the day there was no fake ones to buy and decorate. I don’t think the artificial trees look real either. They’re almost too perfect.

With a real one your tree is different every year, its special AND you can choose your size.

Did you know it’s actually better for the environment? They’re a renewable, recyclable resource. For every Xmas tree harvested, there’s two to three seedlings planted in its place.

Tip for the first timers, get the pick-up option sorted. Getting rid of the real tree is tough and the clean-up isn’t the most enjoyable thing you’ve done all festive season.

Santa prefers the real ones over the fake ones and leaves more presents under them. Ok, now I’m stretching the friendship… but the real deal is the best.


Rod is more for a very plastic Xmas...

After four decades of ‘real’ Christmas trees I made the switch last year. Now with the benefit of having experienced both, I can tell you which one takes home the win.

My support for the ‘real’ tree was driven by smell. It was as simple as that… a pine tree inside the house just smelt like Christmas. That smell would transport me back to the Decembers of my childhood.

But Christmas 2014, something changed…our ‘real’ tree didn’t have a smell. I have no idea why. I wondered if in the same way some sort of horticultural scientist had developed seedless watermelons… could they have engineered the smell out of the pine tree?

Whether it was intentional or not, the result was dire. Without that smell, the shortcomings of the ‘real’ tree were exposed to me for the first time.

All I had was an imperfect bush that insisted on leaning to one side no matter how much tree-stand adjustment I undertook. The pine needles that spiked my hands while hanging lights gave my skin allergic reactions and the decorations made the branches collapse. On top of that there was the hassle of watering it.

Who knew all this had been masked by the sweet smell of pine for all those years. So two years on I’ll be wishing you a very plastic fantastic Christmas!

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