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To bring, or not to bring Pets at work?

by Kristen Henry

image credit - barkpost.com

Pets at Work?

Rod’s a fan..

When it comes to the debate over whether pets should be allowed in the work place, there’s a question that gets overlooked too often – “What type of pet”?

The reality is, there are dogs and then there’s the rest. No one wants to be seen to be discriminating against certain types of pets, but if we’re honest it’s dogs or nothing at work.

Too many people are allergic to cats. Rabbits and guinea pigs are deceptively fast & too difficult to catch at the end of the work day. Fish barely survive a long weekend left in the office, let alone the Christmas hols.

And then there’s always that ‘alternate’ guy who has a pet snake. All I’m saying to that guy is “no, it’s not cool to keep frozen rats in the work fridge to feed your ‘pet’ at lunch time”.

The question of whether pets should be allowed in the work place just muddies the water for dogs. No pet is more suited to the office, work site or car than man’s best friend.

In the same way that there are plenty of idiot humans we’d rather not have round us at work, obviously there are also idiot dogs. But it’s an easy fix, once work places start taking the idea of dogs in the work place seriously and introduce an ‘interview process’ of sorts we’ll all have happier, healthier & more positive work places than ever before.

Kristen, not so much..

The management team have floated a new idea for our office; allowing pets in the workplace. Now, I like pets. Have twenty seven of them at your place, that’s cool, I just don’t think it’s a brilliant idea to have them in the workplace.

Seems great in theory. Stress levels are down; games of fetch are up. They’d entertain you by walking across your keyboard and you’d have something to talk about with that awkward co-worker who comes to your desk and doesn’t quite know how to say hello.

But the negatives out way the positives for me. First, they smell. And often, not that great.

What happens if one or more co-workers have allergies. Or even worse, a fear of animals.

I’d be SO distracted, I’d be focused on which pets were in the office and getting a cute pic with them rather than doing my work.

What happens if your workplace served food? No-one wants cat hair in their salad at lunch.

Bad breath, hair everywhere and wee on the floor. Keep pets at home, not in the workplace.



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