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If You Fail To Vote Today The Sanctions Are Pretty Bad

Australia is one of only twelve countries in the world who enforce compulsory voting and the results of not voting are actually quite strict.

Anyone who fails to vote today can be fined and those who don’t pay their fine can have their driving licenses taken away and forced to do community services.

The initial fine for not voting is just $20 but if you fail to pay that, it goes up to $180.

If you still fail to pay, then the Australian Electoral Commission can then take you to court.

One of the worst cases to make it to court was Tasmanian woman Emma Pearse, who failed to vote in the 2016 Federal Election and she ended up with a criminal condition.

The court then hit her with a $180 fine, legal costs plus the criminal sanction.   

So, it might be time to head down to the polling station.

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