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Schools To Only Serve Students Cold Meals If They Owe Money

Public schools in the US have announced they'll serve students cold lunches if their parents owe money to the canteen.

The announcement was made to Warwick Public Schools’ Facebook, with the policy to come into force on May 13. 

Students would be served only "butter and jelly" sandwiches “until the balance owed is paid in full or a payment plan is set up” the post stated.

Parents and social media users were furious.

“Why do inmates eat better than school children, and at no cost? Infuriating,” one commented.

“The fact that some kids will have to suffer due to something that could be beyond their control is awful,” another wrote.

“I don’t even get how you explain this to a kindergartener or first grader.. ‘No sorry sweetie you have to eat the most disgusting thing the school offers’,” another said.

“This policy actually comes out of a serious debt that we’re incurring by people who are not paying for their lunches, and it’s getting worse,” School Committee chairwoman Karen Bachus told The Providence Journal.

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