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The Surprising Find When A Motorist Was Pulled Over

A motorist has been caught with two unrestrained children in the back of their car, including a two-month-old baby, which has shocked police.

Police in Melbourne’s north were left ‘speechless’ by what they found when they pulled over the driver at a breath testing site earlier this week.

The car was pulled over at at Grand Boulevard in Craigieburn, officers said they initially spotted a young child standing on the floor of the car behind the front seats.

“Upon closer inspection, they found another child, being a 2 month old baby being held by a back seat passenger,” Highway Patrol officers wrote on the Hume Eyewatch Facebook page on Wednesday.

“How could anybody place their kids in danger like this? Speechless!”

In Victoria, motorists caught driving with an unrestrained passenger under the age of 16 can lose three demerit points and be fined $363.

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