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Kristen & Nige's Perfect Pour

When filling up your car, how often have you tried and failed to drop the handle on a round number? Have your ever done this and had to fist pump yourself because no one else was watching?

Kristen & Nige have set Canberra the challenge of the Perfect Pour, if you can pour $10.00 exactly from a bowser into the National Capital Motors Haval you will win your share of our $15,000.00 prize money!

We will play Kristen & Nige’s Perfect Pour three times per day, between 8am and 3pm. 15 minutes before we play, we will tell you the cash amount on offer and the location we’re playing from. On arrival you will be given a number by the Street Team. At the nominated time a number will be drawn and the person with the corresponding number will be the lucky contestant for Kristen & Nige’s Perfect Pour! The contestant will be positioned next to the Haval and when given the instruction will remove the handle and press the ‘FILL’ button and start to pour fuel into the vehicle tank in ONE CONTINUOUS POUR. The contestant must release the trigger on exactly $10.00 to win WITHOUT THE FLOW SLOWING. If it stops prior to or goes over $10.00 the game is over.


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