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Kristen & Wilko's Food Envy

The Rashay’s menu has some of the most delicious food on this earth. I mean, carbonara pasta with schnitzel on top… take my money now! It’s no lie, that when you see pictures of the Rashay’s menu on social media, it causes some serious food envy. Because Kristen & Wilko are not into making Mix106.3 listeners envious of the Rashay’s menu, instead they want to make their envy a delicious reality!

Kristen & Wilko will be hosting our biggest Mix106.3 Bunch for Lunch yet! On Thursday 26th July 2018, Kristen & Wilko will be inviting 25 winners with a plus one each along to join them for lunch at Rashay’s in Belconnen. What’s the catch? Every winner’s lunch will be decided by the fate of the Rashay’s Lunch Wheel! Every winner will be assigned their dish before they arrive (with exception to dietary requirements and personal tastes etc). Don’t worry, there will also be some  appetizers to share!  

Every morning for two weeks, Kristen & Wilko will be inviting friends of the show to call through on 6242 1063. Kristen & Wilko will spin the Rashay’s Lucky Lunch wheel, where every number will have a dish from the Rashay’s Menu on it. Whichever item the ticker of the prize wheel lands on, will determine the dish the winner will be eating at Rashay’s on Thursday 26th July (as well as their plus one).

But, we still haven’t mentioned the best part! Not only, will winners be enjoying a free lunch on Rashay’s, but at the end of the lunch, one lucky-luncher will win $2000.00!


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