After Nige’s letter to Mr Monopoly himself, the world’s most popular board game has announced an all-new Canberra edition will be hitting the shelves in 2024!

We’ll need your help to design the board because Kristen & Nige think there’s no better way to do so then by listening to those who live here!

The board will be built by Canberra, for Canberra’s current and future Monopoly players!

The edition will have locally themed Canberra places, tokens, a community chest, and chance card; immortalising all that is spectacular about Canberra!

So if you’d like to see Oxford Street replaced by Bunda Street or think a Kingsley’s chicken piece should be one of the tokens, let us know

Put your suggestions in here!

This is your chance to engrain the very best Canberra has to offer into Monopoly history!


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