For months Canberrans have been working from home, teaching their kids from home, eating at home, catching up with friends at home, you get the picture, we’ve been at home! While home is where the heart is, too much of a good thing can be a bit tiring. While international travel is halted for now, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore our own backyard!

That’s why Kristen and Nige want to do a Giveaway a Day, getting the entire family out of the house and rediscovering the beauty of NSW! Australians are known for their love of travel, you can find us in every corner of the world, so this year has been rough on us. But it’s a great opportunity to explore what we often overlook, the beauty Australia has to offer.

Kristen & Nige will spend a week pushing our listeners to our website to tell us in 25 words or less why they need a stay-cation. Usually, the competition stops there, but the guys want to take it one step further! The following week, each day Kristen & Nige will get one of the entrants on air to tell their story themselves and award them a well deserved stay-cation! This promotion will pack a hilarious audience oriented punch with the much needed radio ‘feel good’ factor.

At the end of each day’s show, will send out our Mix Cruiser to deliver the stay-cation package to the winner’s house! It couldn’t get any easier!

Sorry! This competition has closed!

To be announced!

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