MIX 106.3 understands how important radio is during peoples workday, for some it is one-on-one company, for others it’s a boredom buster – for almost everyone it is an essential part of getting through a days work by hearing their favourite songs.

MIX 106.3 already delivers Canberra’s Best Mix across the day, and now we want to give something else to keep ears locked onto the radio while Canberra works – CASH, with MIX 106.3’s $10,000 No Repeat Workday!

As the name suggests, winning is as simple as keeping MIX 106.3 locked on during the workday. If we slip up and repeat a song we will pay $10,000 to the first caller through on 6242 1063, and tells us which song was repeated during the day!

To download a copy of the Competition Terms and Conditions, click the link below:



Sorry! This competition has closed!

To be announced!

Mix 106.3 Canberra