When we were kids, if we fell over and got embarrassed, we had a strong chance of getting a lollypop to cheer us up. When you become an adult, we very rarely get given a present to make up for immense humiliation. That’s why we’re looking for your ripper stories of embarrassment. All you have to do is tell us your story below and tell us the most embarrassing place you’ve broken down is. It could be in the middle of nowhere in the rain, or out the front of your ex’s place while you were doing a sneaky drive-by!

Kristen and Nige will then reach out to put you to air and you’ll go in the draw to win a set of brand new tyres and a $300 service thanks to Autoco in Mitchell.

On Friday, Kristen and Nige will announce their winner, but the only catch is you have to be available on the 27th of March to get them fitted.

Sorry! This competition has closed!

To be announced!

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