We’re looking for local restaurants to make a huge difference to the local dinner time experience by making them a little easier, because we all know what a struggle it can be to decide what we want to eat!

Enter below if you want to help out and provide some delicious meals – Wilko & Courts will give you the biggest shout out on air, so others will want to come and get their dinners from you too!

Want to get your dinner? Enter as a listener!

Tired of thinking about what’s for dinner, knowing whatever you make the kids still won’t like it?! Wish you could get home at the end of the day and have dinner ready on the table?
Well, Wilko & Courts have you covered! Each night, they will name a different restaurant/café/fast food outlet from a different location across the Canberra region. All you have to do is call 6242 1063 when you hear the cue to call and be available to pick up your family meal that night – it’s that simple!

Sorry! This competition has closed!

To be announced!

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