While everyone’s bored in self-isolation, it sounds like one person that’s got their hands full at the moment is momager Kris Jenner.

Yep apparently Kris is working hard to kill a new new book that’s set to be released and spill tons of juicy secrets about the Kardashian family, and how they became famous.

According to Page Six, the family are actually considering legal action to stop this book from being released as it threatens to expose the inner workings of the famous family.

The book has reportedly been written by former In Touch tabloid reporter and former friend of the Kardashian family, Kevin Dickson. He had a falling out with the Kardashians around the time of Kim’s divorce from Kris Humphries in 2011.

The novel is set to be a ‘roman a clef’ style book, which basically mens that it’s based on true stories but changes the names of the people in it.

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Page Six reports that the book is called ‘Post Famous’ and it explores how the Kardashian-Jenner Klan rose to fame, including some inside information about that infamous sex tape between Kim K and Ray J.

The book’s main character is reportedly called ‘Zia’ and apparently in the novel she sells her sex tape for $5 million dollars at the recommendation of her mother.

Apparently this is relating to reports that Vivid Entertainment, that released the sex tape in 2007, admitted that they paid Kim money to release it.

And well, as you can imagine, the Kardashian’s aren’t too keen on this book being released to the public and so they are reportedly getting lawyers involved.

An insider has claimed that as a result, one publisher has already been scared off from signing a book deal with Dickson.

“It wouldn’t be worth the hassle [for the publisher to go ahead],” they insider said.


Apparently there are other publishers interested though and even a possible movie deal! So it’s a real possibility that this book could come to light sometime soon.

Although we wouldn’t really be all to game to push the momager’s buttons… Hell hath no fury like a Kris Jenner scorned…