Australian Open tennis players in the men’s competition have reportedly thrown around the idea of a three-set format after hotel quarantine rules left over 70 players unable to train outdoors.

Japan’s Taro Daniel is one of the players that have been confined to his hotel room and only has a foam roller to help him prepare for the tournament.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, he said that he wanted Tennis Australia CEO and the tournament director Craig Tiley to consider it.

“A few players came up with the idea to bring it down to three sets this time, which I think would make a lot of sense,” Daniel said.very

“Because even for guys who are able to train these two weeks, it’s not optimal training.

“You’re limited to two hours a day and one hour of gym – so five sets would be pretty brutal this time.

“I think Craig’s aware of it and I’m sure he’s thought of it himself, but then obviously there’s the whole historical, five-set thing they need to break down.


“I have no idea if they’ll be able to do it or not, but I think perhaps they should.”

It comes as players quarantining in Adelaide were ‘encouraged’ to stop posting to social media after players in Melbourne complained they were receiving special treatment.