There have been rumours floating around for the last fortnight that front-runner on Locky’s season of The Bachelor 2020, Bella Varelis is actually an ‘aspiring actress.’

Daily Mail reported that the 25 year old, who works in marketing, cleared up that she was NOT an actress on Instagram over the weekend.

“I’ve never moved to LA, I’ve never wanted or tried to be an actress in Australia, never wanted or tried to get work as an actress in LA and certainly am not acting on the Bachelor,” Bella wrote.

People were ready to believe the rumours because Bella has been linked to former Bachelorette contestants Samuel Johnson and Dean Unglert and it does look a teeny bit suss

“I haven’t ‘slept around with Bachie boys,” she continued to write, ” I dated my ex [Samuel] before he even did the show, some people see a few dots and like to try connect them when they have absolutely no reason to be connected or justified.”

You’re not wrong Bella, but it’s a small world that both you and your ex have been on different seasons of Bachie.