Harry Style’s music videos are known for being quirky yet absolutely beautiful, this one is more of the latter.

The video is for his single ‘Golden’ from his solo album ‘Fine Line’ which has some absolute BANGERS on it including ‘Adore You’ & ‘Watermelon Sugar’.

We start with Harry in a Pride & Prejudice-esque shirt running down a beautiful sandstone road and he does this for like 50% of the video.

Here’s the thing, I can’t REALLY follow a plot on this, there isn’t as much of a narrative as there was to the music video for ‘Adore You’, but Style’s is really good and evoking that feeling of ~running away from your troubles~

It looks like it was filmed in the Amalfi Coast and, don’t hate me, but Harry’s lip syncing leaves a little to be desired.


But the song is great, the aesthetics are great and you’ll definitely have a little smile curling on your face after watching it!

Check it out here: