If you’re anything like us, you currently use plants to spark joy in your life. 

If that’s the case you will be pleased to hear that ALDI has announced a huge range of plant and gardening items will go on sale as part of their ‘Special Buys’ campaign.

The retail giant will offer bargain seeds and plants in stores across Australia on Wednesday, March 17, with prices starting at just $1.29.

According to their website, these plants and gardening items are available in stores all around Australia: 

  • Assorted Packet Seeds (Herbs, Flowers and Vegetables), $1.29
  • Ferns 90mm, $3.99
  • Succulents 65mm, $4.99
  • Activegrow Soil 25L, $4.99
  • Pruning Shears, $4.99
  • Fruit and Citrus Spray and Fruit and Citrus Food, $5.99
  • Trigger Spray Nozzle, $5.99
  • Premium Garden Gloves, $7.99
  • Assorted Packet Bulbs (Daffodil, Dutch Iris, Jonquil, Ranunculus, Freesia, Tulip Mix and more), $7.99
  • Gardening Clogs, $9.99
  • Button Mushroom Growing Kit, $16.99
  • Walk-in Greenhouse 143cm(W) x 73cm(D) x 195cm(H), $49.99
  • Grow Table 76.6cm x 37cm x 79.5cm, $89.99
  • Kalanchoe 120mm, $5.99
  • Passionfruit 125mm, $6.99
  • Indoor Foliage 140mm (Spider Plant, Sedum Assorted or Umbrella Plant), $7.99
  • String of pearls or beans, $9.99
  • Organic Sugar Cane Mulch, $11.99

So if you’re ready to fill your house with even more plants, Wednesday March 17th is the day for you! You can head to their website for more information.