The show’s executive producer, Alex Mavroidakis has shared that a former contestant accidentally confessed to committing adultery while on the show.

During a recent interview on the TV Reload podcast, Mavroidakis was asked to share his “go to funny story” about working on the reality show.

“How can I tell this story without putting the person in it? Everyone is going to know who I’m talking about,” Mavroidakis responded.

“The celebrity in camp talked about a girl that he had been with and he talked about specifics in terms of what he had been doing on that day, what time of the year it was,” the producer recalled.

Apparently immediately after telling the story to his camp mates, the star realised what he had admitted, totally incriminating himself… on National television!

Mavroidakis continued, “He then came running up to the Tok Toki straight after that conversation and was in the Tok Toki saying, ‘it’s OK for you to use that scene, but please don’t say the time or the place because I’ve just realised I was still married at the time.’”

“Basically, he just outed himself.”


At the end of the day, the producing team decided to edit the scene in his favour and explained, “Why would we throw him under the bus? If someone goes in and tells a story that is going to negatively affect their career, why would we run it? We all want them to be heroes.”

“They’re all playing for charity and the more you love them, the better the show is going to rate,” he continued.

Season 7 of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!  Premiered on Channel 10 last night with nine celebrities revealed and more to come tonight. Tune in at 7:30PM.