What the HELL is going on behind the scenes on this season of the show?

Apparently one of the girls on the show pierced Locky’s ear at a cocktail party.

Why would producers not air this over the boring garbage that has been broadcast on the show?

I don’t know if you noticed on Thursday, but Locky Gilbert was rocking an earring for half the episode and everyone assumed he’d got one going crazy in iso.

But that was not the case, Locky commented on @hijosh’s instagram post revealing what actually went down.


Apparently contestant Izzy pierced his ear DURING a cocktail party and producers chose not to air it!

I guess it could have made some people feel a little sick but still…. that’s better than being sick with boredom.

People are gagged that they wouldn’t include the footage into the show!


The inconsistency in the earring comes from how the production of the cocktail party was broken up over the week.

So what do you think? Should he keep it?