The highly anticipated commitment ceremony, post WW3 last week with the cheating scandal between Hayley and Michael and ‘The Toothbrush’ incident, lived up to expectation! 

Australian reality TV at it’s finest.

The boys and the girls separate to talk about their emotions with their fellow pals and here is a summary of how that went down.

Everyone is confused as to why Connie and Jonnie are still together.

Everyone is confused as to why Steve and Mishel are still together.

Everyone is confused as to why Cathy is mad at Josh for no reason? She keeps talking about walls…


The producer who put Ivan, David and Michael in the same talking circle is either sadistic or a genius…probably both. 

The ceremony begins and oh boy! It feels like everyone is going to write leave and this show is over. 

But alas, Stacey wants to leave and Michael cruelly writes stay to force her to love him despite the cheating (Michael, get a grip). 


Connie and Jonnie leave (thank god).

And after lots of moaning, David begs to leave and Hayley, the evil villain that she is writes STAY, for no reason other than to punish him!!

Hayley literally says the line “What did I do to deserve this?”

Umm, Hayley, you cheated? Not condoning ‘The Toilet Incident’ because that’s next level fucked up but still. You ain’t no angel sweetie. 


Finally the “experts” ,and we really are using that term loosely these days, step in and say a to that chaotic move. 

Using the word ‘toxic’ a lot, they finally cut the duo loose and are probably praying that there are no future lawsuits awaiting them for letting it go on as long as it did.

There you have it! You’re welcome!