It wouldn’t be Married At First Sight without a few cheating scandals, and while Michael Goonan has already been involved in one with Hayley Vernon, it’s now rumoured that he’s at the centre of another one.

Rumour has it that Michael actually ends up getting together with intruder bride KC, who only recently entered the experiment as she married Drew.

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A much warmer welcome the second time round 🥰 #MAFS

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The rumours came after the Daily Mail leaked text messages that were allegedly between KC and Michael’s onscreen wife Stacey, in which KC seemed to ask for permission to meet up with Michael.

There have also been photos circulating of the pair hanging out together.

But this morning when Kyle and Jackie O asked Michael point blank about whether or not he gets together with KC, he straight out told us no.


Now of course you might think that he could be lying, but Michael is known for being brutally honest.

He also was happy to admit that he finds KC attractive and that he wishes something happened between them! So we think he would admit it if they did hook up.

“Any truth to that rumour?” Kyle asked Michael on air this morning.

“No way! I wish it was to be honest. Have you seen her? She’s f*cking gorgeous,” Michael replied. “F*cking hell. Line me up for that.”


“I mean I’m good, but she’s not blind,” Michael added.


Well obviously this is just further proof that Michael is not still together with his onscreen wife Stacey following the experiment.

But despite their apparent break up, Michael told us that their relationship during the MAFS experiment was 100% real and he was truly in love with Stacey.

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A day amongst the vines. #MAFS

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“But you’ve got Stacey who’s beautiful too though,” Jackie said. “Did you ever have feelings for her?”

“At the end of the day, what happened with Stacey, you’re watching a genuine relationship,” Michael told us. “I’m not acting. This is me on the show, love it or hate it. I know I’m not the most likeable person at times, but that was a full relationship you’re seeing.


“I hope people learn from the mistakes I made and the lessons throughout it because there was nothing fake about that. I fell in love with that girl. And that’s the bitter truth.”

Hear more from our chat with Michael in the podcast below!