We’ve all been there. It’s a Saturday night and you’re keen to watch a movie on Netflix…

Cut to 30 mins later and you are STILL scrolling through the categories trying to pick something to watch. It can test even the most decisive people.

However, the streaming service could be about to take the stress out of deciding what to play with a new feature which is being trialled in select homes – and it may have popped up at your place!

‘Shuffle Play’ will randomly select content based on what you’ve previously watched or what has been sitting in your watch list. Perhaps you’ll finally get around to that film you saved nine months ago.

Although it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet, Netflix users are on board with the idea. One Twitter user suggested the person who came up with it deserved a raise.


The trial feature is available on Smart TVs at this stage and you can check if you’ve been selected by opening up the app. If you see the ‘Shuffle Play’ icon under your profile, you’re one of the lucky few!