Paris Hilton’s recent documentary ‘This is Paris’ brought to light the alleged abuse that students at the school Provo Canyon experienced.

Hilton organised a demonstration alongside fellow ex-students that attended Provo Canyon and similar disciplinary institutions in the area.

“It’s something so traumatic that you don’t even want to think it’s real… It’s something I blocked from my memory for forever,” Paris spoke to the crowd outside.

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Yesterday was one of the most empowering moments of my life! Returning to the place that has haunted my nightmares since I was a teen. Being there surrounded by hundreds of other survivors who have all endured the same pain & abuses that I have. Showing our abusers that we will no longer be silent & expose them for all the evil terrible things that they have done. Taking back our power & making it loud & clear that this child abuse needs to end! Thank you all yesterday for your kind words of love & encouragement. I was blown away by the love & support. You are all such incredible people in the survivor community. I admire your strength, bravery, resilience & passion. And I love and stand with you all! #iSeeYouSurvivor @BreakingCodeSilence 🙌 This is just the beginning!

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If you haven’t watch the documentary, the story goes, Hilton was sent to a number of disciplinary schools around the ages of 16-17 due to her descent into the NYC party scene.


During her 11 months at Provo Canyon, she finally opened up about the abuse she received there from physical beatings, being watched whilst she showered, forced to take unknown pills and actual isolation lock up.

Since the documentary came out, many other students have come forward with similar experiences and the school is under investigation.

Hilton has also set up a petition to get the school shut down and has made it her mission to stop all schools that abuse their children like this.

“Provo Canyon is just the first one that I want down…from there, it will be a domino effect.”