A Victorian Ice Creamery in Timboon are launching three COVID-19 themed flavours later this month as a birthday celebration.

The three flavours will be ‘Same Same, but Sourdough’, ‘The Tipsy’ celebrating things that because popular due to lockdown, and finally ‘The Karen from Briiiighton’, which is an in-joke for the Victorians.

If you missed it, ‘Karen from Brighton’ went viral and found pandemic fame after her 15 seconds on Channel 9 where she told cameras “You get sick of walking the same streets, I’ve done all of Brighton,” in response to laws banning exercising outside your own suburb.

Her comments drew criticism from Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and thus her career was made.

So what’s the flavour of ‘Karen from Briiighton’?

A BITTER ORANGE MARMALADE because there’s obviously a comedian working in the gelato labs at Timboon.


‘Same Same, but Sourdough’ will be an oven=baked caramelised sourdough crumb in a creamy vanilla which sounds heavenly.

‘The Tipsy’ will be a Shiraz reduction swirl in Vanilla bean ice cream, which also… sounds…so..good.

Might be worth a trip one day just to say you tried it!