Is it fair to judge someone for something they did 16 years ago at 16 years of age?

I personally don’t think so but some people might disagree.

A post from MySpace in 2004 has been unearthed, back in the day when he was a 16 year old CHILD living in Perth.

The post shows a map of Australia with the worlds “F*** off we’re full. Aussie Pride” with a Southern Cross below it.

Back then and even now, the sentiment behind it is against immigration and refugees with ‘White Australia’ policy connotations.



Gilbert has apologised in a statement to the Daily Mail

“I am deeply sorry for the image I posted on MySpace over 14 years ago. I do not hold these views and I apologise for the offence I have caused,” Locky said and the MySpace page was taken down.

Like I said, it’s a horrible post with horrendous meaning but it was SUCH a long time ago and he was a child and has obviously grown up a (kind of) well adjusted man who has a great love for international travel and appreciation of other cultures.