A sneaky source has slipped, revealing the rumoured amount some of the Big Brother cast will be walking away with and I’ve never wanted to be a D-lister more!

Our pockets hurt after finding out some of the BB celebs’ paychecks for their time on the show…no matter how little.

Caitlyn Jenner apparently features on the show for only two-weeks but she will be walking away with $500k. People are already seething about the fact that Caitlyn was allowed into the country while so many have been unable to return home to Australia, so let’s hope she’s worth her time.

Similarly, Meghan Markle’s brother, Thomas Markle Jr (like seriously, who is he and HOW is he a celeb?) is also rumoured to be scoring a triple-figure payday. SURELY we have enough D-listers in this country that we don’t have to scour the globe for someone deperate enough to feature on Big Brother…

Another big contenter was Katie Hopkins but she’s been axed from the show after she jeopardised her Covid quarantine by deliberately opening her front door to quarantine staff stark naked and without a mask. Oh and then she joked about the incident on her Instagram! What a gal.

Although she won’t appear on the show as she’s been hauled back to the UK, she may still score her $200k paycheck due to the ‘pay or play’ clause in her contract.

And poor, poor Jessika Power is merely getting pennies in comparison to those ‘celebs’. A source leaked to New Idea that Jess is set to get $20k for her time on the show.


Though Jess is said that she “jumped at the chance to do Big Brother” to try and “reinvent herself on the show.”

Most of the cast are still hush hush but we’ve heard a little birdy mention How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris, Vanderpump Rules’ Jax Taylor and Home & Away’s Lincoln Younes are set to be amoung them.