Live music has been forced into a halting stop because of the global pandemic and even though I very much doubt The Wiggles are strapped for cash, they’re got to keep that ball rolling!

The Wiggles are releasing an EPIC new range of merch with Big W and it’s cute as a button.

You can get a comfy as heck looking Bean Bag Chair and a Flip Out Sofa with Emma’s face and name plastered all over it.

I personally don’t LOVE that you have to sit on Emma’s face when the couch is flipped out but hey! I doubt the kids mind!

The band have also released new trikes, one with the whole band’s design and one that’s just Emma.


The Trikes are going for $59 a pop, the Bean Bag Chair is only $25 and the Flip Out Sofa is $49!

Lots of comments online are curious about international shipping! For once, the rest of the world is jealous of US!