We all love seeing the professional tennis players in action at the Australian Open, but there are a bunch of superstars that take the court that we can’t go without – the ball kids.

Without these local legends, the matches simply wouldn’t be the same (and would not go as smoothly!)

Because of the incredible work by the Australian public to keep coronavirus numbers down, things don’t have to change too much in terms of how the teens, who range between 12-17 years old, interact with players.

For example, they’ll still be able to roll the balls across the court and bounce them to the players for service. They’ll be encouraged to use hand sanitiser, however they will not be required to wear masks.

However, there will be a twist that will take one task off their plate… they’ll no longer need to handle player towels or drink bottles. Yep, the tennis stars will need to fetch those themselves if they need to freshen up.

Despite the COVID Safe measured, there is a record 380 ball kids involved in the competition this year. We’re glad they get an opportunity to be involved during this wild time.