If you haven’t watched the Mandalorian yet, please get the Disney+ trial period and smash it out because damn, it’s really good.

Even if you’re not a major Star Wars fan, it’s awesome as a stand-alone Sci-Fi show, you really don’t need to know anything about the universe to enjoy it!

With Star Wars Day, (May the 4th- ‘May the force’, get it?), just around the corner the docu-series is set to release on Disney+ with new episodes released each Friday. 

The series will take us through behind the scenes of the show and feature both the cast and the crew!

As cool as this all sounds, I just want more footage of Baby Yoda to cry to.


It’s an 8 episode documentary where each ‘chapter’ will explore a different theme of the show going into the special effects, music scores and technology.

There will also be NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE which is icing on the cake!

So may the force be with you on May the 4th!