After this crazy year, we deserve nice things, and we are about to get something extraordinary – Patrick Dempsey is making a return to Grey’s Anatomy!

WARNING: The below contains tid bits about the 17th season of the show.

Dempsey will reprise his role in the season which will be dedicated to frontline workers of the coronavirus pandemic – and from the looks of the teaser, that’s where his storyline unfolds.

In the new preview, lead character Meredith Grey is seen to have passed out in a parking lot and suspected to have COVID-19. Recovering in hospital, she has visions of her late husband Derek Shepherd aka McDreamy. Oh my god.

“I miss you,” Meredith yells to him in the teaser. WE MISS HIM TOO, MEREDITH!


Oh boy, this season is going to be an absolute ripper and we cannot wait to see it.