The angel of darkness has bestowed a gift upon us all and it’s a little peek into part 2 of season 5!

And like all longish-running dramas, they felt the need to delve into musical theatre.

Buffy did it, Grey’s Anatomy did it, Supernatural did it, Riverdale did it and now Lucifer is doing it.

Part 2 of season 5 is set to drop early next year and the teaser was premiered at the DC FanDome convention last weekend.

I always 50% cringe and 50% live my BEST life with musical episodes, if you add in a main character who seems a little baffled at whats going on then that’s just the cherry on top!


The episode is called ‘Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam’ and I’m fully supportive of this momentum.

Season 6 of the show has been announced as the final season, so the writers must just be throwing it all out the window and going out with a bang!

You can currently stream all of Lucifer on Netflix, you have roughly half a year to catch up on 4.5 seasons!

Get going!