You know, as spring settles in and the air starts to carry the scent of flowers once more in bloom, I’m reminded of what it’s like to be transported to another time or place by a single scent. To drive past freshly mown grass, the small of damp earth passing through the windows, and remember when I was ten, watching my parents getting stuck into the garden. Gloves on, a jug of freshly squeezed orange resting on the red brick barbecue, witchetty grubs squirming every which way in the loose soil. I can’t explain why those particular scents stir those memories, but I can tell you there’s magic in that. A magic that Glasshouse Fragrances knows well.


  1. Smell of Spring

The sweet scents of September and beyond can be found at Domayne. One of our favourite is Marseille Memoir. This candle smells like a full garden of gardenia’s in the spring. Want a more sweeter smell?? Forever Florence is your pick iwth wild peonies and lily.

  1. A Wide Range

How do you want to smell your best? Glasshouse Fragrances’ triple scented candles will transform any space, but if you prefer a diffuser, try one of their Scent Scene™ liquidless diffusers. They’ve even got you covered for hand creams, hand washes, gift sets, and body bars.


  1. Destination Rooms

Not sure what your mum will love best? Get a bunch of their smaller products and sample them all over the house to find the right mix. Give each room a unique scent, from the violet leaves and white musk of Over the Rainbow, to the aromas of saffron and rose with their Midnight in Milan scent.

For everything Glasshouse Fragrances, and to try the magic for yourself, head into to Domayne today.