Know any artists or budding artists that you need to check off the gift list this year?

Aldi’s Special Buys this Wednesday has some AMAZING art-themed products to sell and honestly, they’ve done all the Christmas work for you.

5. Paint By Numbers Kits

They used to be HUGE decades ago and they’re coming back in vogue!

Paint by Numbers is such a great gift because it’s an activity you can do with someone, it encourages creativity and it’s relaxing and fun!

The kits come with:


1x brush

1x paint pot panel

1x paint by numbers artwork

At only $6.99, you can afford to buy more than one for the lucky gift recipient.

4. Disney Watercolour Pad


Disney themed watercolour pads are PERFECT for anyone that loves all things Disney.

They have multiple books including; Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses and Disney Animals.

They come in A3 and landscape with a choice of a 12 sheet or 24 pack book.

3. Art Studio Easel + Canvas

I don’t care who you are, we’ve ALL dreamed of setting up a giant easel in our rooms so we can list our artist fantasy.


So make that dream come true for someone in your life!

Aldi will be selling easels in 3 different dimensions starting from $7.99, but the real piece de resistance is the easel.

Slightly more expensive at $86.99, it’ll be a real treat for your loved one.

2. Engraving Kits

Another fun kit they’re offering are these ‘engraving’ kits.


They come with 2 sheets/ pack and multiple colour options are available; Gold foil, sheer foil, colourful foil and copper foil which are the underlaying layer that you engrave up.

1.Deluxe Wooden Art Box Set

This, I’ve determined, is the best gift that Aldi can offer.

A WOODEN deluxe art box set that opens with wings!

It includes 151 pieces and from the image, includes a variety of pencils, paints, crayons, paint brushes, a sharpener, eraser and paint palette.


It’s everything your budding little artists needs to figure out their craft all neatly organised in a nice wooden box that clasps shut!

Merry Christmas!