The kids are fast asleep, the lights are off. In the morning, you’ve got to take the kids to soccer. But now, in the calm and quiet of your own home, you don’t have to do anything. Relax. Grab a drink.

You put on a little music and two-step your way to the corner of the living room to the bar cart. There’s a merlot in the corner that takes you back to Saint-Émilion in the south of France, floating down the Dordogne, one sunny autumn day. A shiny green bottle of absinthe hides between a twelve-year-old Irish whiskey and your crystal tumblers—you don’t really want to drink it, but it’s there. Waiting.

Whatever you choose—not the absinthe—you’ll know it’ll be right for you, because it’s from your bar cart. It’s not just a collection of drinks and glasses and decorations. It’s a statement. One that a gives your room a sense of sophistication.

Here are a few handy tips to prep your bar cart for any occasion.

  1. Make it Yours

Get your thinking caps on and hatch a plan. Not a fan of spirits? Get rid of the tumblers and focus on the wine glasses instead. Heck, get rid of all the alcohol if you want and chuck some tea on that bad boy. Lady Grey, Russian Caravan, even that cat-shaped teapot with a tail for a spout. Remember, it’s about you.

  1. Create Zones.

Divide the bar cart into useable zones and dedicate each zone to a specific essential, whether it’s glassware, wine or liquor bottles. Using trays, champagne buckets and cocktail accessories can really help split it up, and if your cart is multi-levelled, share the love and don’t over-stack the first one you load.

  1. Spice it Up

Add a plant for some greenery and thematic prowess. Stir memories of the dry plains with succulents, or of the Amalfi coast with creeping vines. Or stack lemons and limes in a bowl. You’ll add some colour and be one step closer to a cocktail. Speaking of which…

  1. Get your tools ready!

Whatever your style, whichever direction you take it, don’t forget your tools. Corkscrew, bottle opener, tea infuser, cocktail shaker. Always. Be. Prepared.

  1. Have some fun.

Enjoy yourself. It’s fun! Tinker ‘til it feels right for you.

For more styling tips and tricks, check out Domayne’s bar cart range here.

Chris Tankey