Tea is a go-to for any mood, at any time. You have a friend coming over? Tea. You’ve had a long day at work? Tea. Feel like drinking something yummy? Tea! 

We are pretty used to the standard process by now – boil the kettle, pour the water in a mug, pop a tea bag in and let it brew for a few moments before adding milk and/or sugar… but what if we told you this was TOTALLY wrong?

According to Martin Isark, a professional food and drink taster from the UK, we should be letting our water cool down to 80 degrees before drinking it, otherwise it is “no better than cabbage water.”

“It’s time to debunk the myth that you should use boiling water,” Isark said to the Daily Mail.

“Having the water too hot will kill the desirable nuances of tea and all you are left with is a strong flavour of dry, astringent tannins.

“Overboiling your water and dunking teabags too long leaves tea tasting no better than cabbage water.”