Apple has launched the iPhone 12 with faster 5G connectivity starting at $A1349, which the company hopes will spur a wave of upgrades and keep its sales booming through the end of the year.

The iPhone 12 has flat sides with a flush display, similar to the company’s iPhone 5 and a departure from rounded edges in recent years.

Apple also introduced a “Mini” version for $A1199 and a “Pro” version with three cameras.

Verizon Communications Inc CEO Hans Vestberg said the new iPhones would work with the US carrier’s “ultrawideband” 5G network designed to alleviate bottlenecks in major cities like New York and Los Angeles as well as in crowded areas like NFL stadiums.

Apple said it had tested 5G on more than 800 carriers in 30 regions globally.

The new phone will have a “ceramic shield” glass cover to resist cracks when dropped.


Apple also announced a HomePod Mini smart speaker that will come in white and grey, cost $A149 and be shipped starting on November 16.

The new HomePod offers features like allowing use by multiple users in a home and sending information to car-based systems.

For example, a user can tee up driving directions to a store after asking the HomePod what time it closes.

Many of the features serve as a catch-up to similar offerings from Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google.

Apple last month launched new watch models with blood oxygen sensors and updated its iPad models while also rolling out a new bundle of its paid subscription services called Apple One.



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