Have you got a family member who just can’t put down their phone? Is your partner spending more time playing their favourite video game than hanging out with you?

Fear no more – Kmart has made the perfect solution!

The department store is now selling Phone Jails for $8. It’s as simple as it sounds – you simply chuck the piece of technology that needs some time out, lock it up and hide the key.

One Kmart shopper has reviewed the product on Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group, saying she is using it to keep Xbox controllers at bay.

“For those wondering, it’s too small to fit a tablet/iPad, but easily fits two Xbox controllers,” she wrote online.

Shoppers are loving the idea and are keen to grab one for themselves.


“I’m so buying this for the hubby,” one Facebook user declared.

“I’m getting this for everyone for Christmas day,” another added.

“It’d be good if they released a bigger one for the iPad haha,” someone suggested.

With so many people of all ages with tech addictions these days, we’re sure many people will get a kick out of this one!