Big W has recalled a popular Christmas item after it made the naughty list for its shape.

The $2 Candy Cane Bath Fizzer is an innocent idea in theory but customers have found it is a little too x-rated for comfort.

One shopper who spotted the item in shops took to Facebook to share the discovery.

“If anyone’s looking for bath bombs… I think Big W might have got their candy cane a bit wrong!” the woman wrote online along with the image.

Many shoppers had a cheeky giggle at the image.

“The label clearly states for external use only. Calm down guys,” one said.


“I just spat out my drink!” another wrote.

After the commotion, Big W was quick to pull the product from shelves.

“We are aware that the candy cane bath bomb in our range did get some attention on social media and we certainly didn’t intend to offend our customers,” a spokesperson said to

“Thanks to their feedback, we withdrew the bath bomb from our range on Thursday, November 19.”