Life is pretty wild these days, but if we must be honest, we didn’t have these drinks on our 2021 bingo card.

Boost Juice have gone out of their way to come up with three new smoothie flavours that taste like literally taste like BBQ condiments – because, why not?

There is Smokey Mango BBQ, Balsamic Strawberry and perhaps the most ambitious experiment of all… Soy Sauced.

Yep, there is a new drink that has been made with actual Soy Sauce. It’s a salted caramel mix so you’ll still get a delicious, sugary kick if you dare to give it a whirl.

The new menu is only around until March 2 so if you want finish off Summer with a very smokey kick, make sure you get around to your nearest Boost and mix it up.


You never know, these whacky flavours could be the next big thing…