Bunnings are fast becoming the place to get some pretty great Christmas deccos, but one in particular could also be used for Halloween.

Among the typical Christmas light-up inflatables such as baubles, elves and teddy bears, there’s a good selection featuring Santa – on his own, playing a saxophone, riding a shark, even driving a forklift full of pressies – it’s all there.

However, if you’re in the market for an ‘Axe Throwing Santa’, complete with reindeer pinned to a rotating bullseye, they also have you 100% covered.

As one mum said at the one on display at Bunnings Innaloo: “I’m horrified but want one.”

Just imagine, for $129, not only could you light up Halloween night with St Nick throwing axes at one of his reindeer that’s flanked by spent axes… you could keep the look going right through to Christmas. That’s pretty reasonable value.