If you are a sweet tooth who can never have enough chocolate in their life, then boy, do we have some good news for you…

Cadbury has created an incredible Dairy Milk Mousse Cake with ganache icing, a biscuit base and sprinkles of Cadbury Flake – and people have gone absolutely nuts for it!

The $10 cake was spotted in stores recently by Instagram food blogger thesnackcontroller who rated the new dessert very highly.

“If you like mousse, this is for you,” the caption read on the post.

“It was rich, it was soft, it was sweet and on the top is like of like a soft ganache and the middle is mousse, bottom is biscuit.

“Did I eat the whole thing? Yes. Do I feel guilty? No. Am I going to go and get 16 more? Yes.”


The cake can currently be found in the freezer aisle in supermarkets. The box says it serves six… but surely you can knock one of these out on your own if you must!