Cadbury has FINALLY admitted they’re bringing a Neapolitan block onto the market and honestly?

It’s exactly what I need.

Rumours have been swirling that the triple deck, triple flavour extravaganza was going to be released and Cadbury has now confirmed its existence.

Everyone’s yapping about fighting over the chocolate flavour as a child, but I was always preferential to the strawberry strip!

While they don’t seem to be available in-store just yet, Coles has them listed online and ready to go for $5 for a big block, but there should be a smaller 50gram bar available too!

It looks like we’re working with a milk chocolate lower layer, strawberry flavoured chocolate middle layer and dream white chocolate top layer so you get every flavour in every bite and there will be absolutely no fighting!


Keep your eyes peeled in stores over the coming weeks for these bad boys.