To be honest, it might to super obvious to some people and absolutely inconsequential to others.

I barely notice it because it can be passed off as stylistic for the North Sydney Zurich building.

Someone on Reddit has noticed it and now she can’t unsee it, and people have been reacting appropriately.

One commenter wrote “Mildy infuriating?? This is giving me a headache and my chest hurts. I don’t like this.”

I was looking out of my office window at the signage on this new building in North Sydney – I think they have put the “Z” on upside-down – the long side on the Z should be on the bottom 😂😂 from sydney

Is the ‘Z’ upside down? Do you notice it? Does it bother you?


Look, the building wasn’t much to look at to begin with so, you KIND OF want to nail the signage guys.

Even if you think it looks fine, looks like Zurich Australia has been notified and they’re “looking into it!”

Hope you guys have insurance for that!