A deadly dog disease is believed to be spreading across Australia and experts say they should act now to protect their pets.

Hundreds of dogs have now been reported to have died from the disease.

Called Canine Ehrilchiosus, the disease is transmitted through the bite of a small tick that carries a bacterium-carrying parasite.

Its bite can be fatal and can also cause fever, lethargy, decreased appetite, and bleeding (such as nose bleeds).

Some dogs have been reported as losing weight, having swollen limbs and sore joints or have struggled to breathe.

The first case of the disease was detected in May last year, with 300 dogs in WA and the NT now testing positive.

Cases have also been emerging in South Australia.


If your dog develops canine ehrlichiosis, treatment with antibiotics is the first step.

Owners are being told to check their dog regularly or ticks and to be on full alert for symptoms, plus, get a good flea collar.

Dog owners should also make sure that kennels and sleeping areas are vacuumed every single day.