We’re all adults here.

We can be real with each other.

While the kids are running around looking for chokkie eggs, what wouldn’t you do to sit back and relax with a little Easter cocktail.

Well Aldi has you covered with a delicious looking Hot Cross Bun Gin Liqueur so you can get into the spirit.

Dropping next Wednesday the 24th of Feb, the flavour profile of a buttery Hot Cross Bun has somehow been crammed into a bottle with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg infused together with fruity notes.

Well hot.damn.that sounds incredible?

The 500ml bottle will be a limited release and is only going to cost you $19.99? Somehow?


Look, I’m not one to tell you how to drink this bad boy but I for one will probably mix it with some sort of fizzy apple drink to really make the most of the cinnamon and nutmeg flavours.

I reckon we’re all gonna have a very happy Easter this year.