I’m always down for a new type of custard, it’s honestly the most versatile dessert.

You can pour it cold over warm desserts, or pour it warm over cold desserts, or soak biscuits in it or layer a cake with it, or bloody hell, drink it straight from the carton.

It definitely feels like Christmas is around the corner when custards come back in vogue and Pauls is doing it in style with their Apple Pie flavored custard.

I think it originally came out as an Easter product but looks like it’s appeared on their site again in time for Santa to sleigh into town.

Pauls Apple Pie Premium Custard boasts a ‘creamy custard with a classic apple pie flavour’…” perfect on its own but why not try it dolloped on a Christmas pudding, layered in a trifle.’

Uhh that’s an excellent suggestion, thank you very much Mr Paul.

They come in 600ml tubs and were sold in Woolies during their Easter run, so it’s a safe assumption that they’ll start popping up there again this season.