Ohhhhh my, OH MY – OH.MY!

If you’re a cereal killer, like myself, and think that cereal is perfectly acceptable to eat at all times of the day and night, then I’ve got some amazing news for you.

Krispy Kreme is making dreams come true by collaborating with Kellogg’s to launch two incredible cereal milkshakes to add to their Kreme Shakes menu.

Available from, literally right now, you’ll be able to get a Froot Loops® Kreme Shake and Coco Pops® Kreme Shake.

I’m shaking whilst writing this, the Froot Loops shake blended the rainbow Froot Loops with Krispy Kreme’s original thick shake and is topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with more loops!

I’ll have a heart attack whilst drinking it, but what other way is there to go?


For the more classic chocolate fans, the Coco Pops Kreme shake blends the creamy thick shake with Coco pops and is topped with a layer of crunchy Coco Pops too!

They’ll be going for $7.50 a pop or $10.96 if you wan to combo it with a couple of doughnuts and are available instore, on Menulog, Uber Eats and Deliveroo!

But only until the 1st of March so take advantage of the summer months!