With summer coming in strong in the winds, mangos will be back in season which is reason in itself to party.

But Pepsi have revealed that they’re collab-ing with the epic fruit to create Pepsi Max Mango!

Following the success of the Pepsi Max Creaming Soda, Pepsi Max Vanilla and Pepsi Max Raspberry, mango is truly the perfect addition to the family.

In light of the news, the nation was asked what their favourite way to peel a mango was…..

Now I don’t know who you fancy people are but I just cut it up with a knife….

Apparently the most popular way to peel a mango is with a ‘mango shaver’ which got 63% of votes.


Even some of our tv favourites showed us how they deal with their mangos.



Let us know how you eat Australia’s favourite fruit!


The new Pepsi Max Mango is available now in stores across Australia in 600mL and 1.25L bottles, as well as 375mL and 440mL cans.